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Had a blocked sewer drain pipe going into septic tank.They came out 2/23/12 t 4:30 and told my wife they would snake out the blockage for $225 which included a $49 "diagnosis" fee.

They proceeded to dig two large holes in my yard and did not remove the blockage, rather advised my wife the pipe was broken and offered to replace the entire pipe for $700 (if I dug up the pipe). They collected a check from my wife for $225 and left at 5:30. Saturday morning 2/24/12 my normal plumber, Jon Castleman arrived and in 10 minutes removed the blockage. He then found a broken pipe snake lodged in my pipe, left from John Heffley the prior day.

After wrestling the broken pipe snake for 30 minutes, my plumber was ble to remove the broken pipe snake of approximately 8 feet. I went to John Heffley plumbing 2/27/12 and described the situation and asked for my check for $225 back and I would reimburse him only for the $49 "diagnosis" fee and labor for 2 people digging up my yard not to exceed $30 ($15 an hour for two people) which I thought was fair. He would not speak with me, nor provide a contact phone number other than his business phone.

I went to my bank and stopped payment of the check at a cost of $35.

Complete Morons, should have their plumber license revoked

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Did not intend on blaming the wife, she didn't do anything wrong...


Well done.And you stopped the check in time.

Sounds like you got a good deal in the end.

And why blame the wife so much?Don't trust her with the checkbook if she's a problem with it.

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